Our story

CGC was born out of frustration

Founders Shruti Challa and Patrick Ekeruo had become established in the worlds of technology and finance.

They have found success in both their individual careers and together as investors. But as they continued to achieve and expand their network, they realized that all too often they were the only woman or person of color given access to these investment opportunities. CGC is their way of helping to make the fields they work in and love more inclusive.

Our Founders
A personal track record

Our founders

Shruti Challa

Shruti Challa

Shruti started her career while at Stanford working at Founder’s Fund, when they were still the largest investor in Facebook. She has founded companies and has led companies that were acquired by Groupon and Booking, respectively. She’s an executive at Sonder, who has recently announced it’s intention to go public. She also has been actively investing over the past 10+ years both early and late stage.


Patrick Ekeruo

Patrick has spent his entire career in finance and Fin-tech. From Princeton, he went to sales and trading at Deutsche Bank. After going to law school, he moved back to the Bay Area to join Orrick, one of the leading Silicon Valley law firms. He has worked on complicated transactions and regulatory spaces since, at BlackRock, Figure, as General Counsel of Jaris, a Fin-tech startup, and most recently is an assistant GC at Brex.